Chinese Astrology Helps My Meditation?

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Most meditation takes a broad approach by focusing on ones breathing and when thinking appears, recognizing it, and letting it go. Then return to breathing.

Another approach is to face our habitual thinking directly during meditation "put it in the light". Putting it in the light means we revisit the habit over and over again. Over time the habit falls away naturally as the mind returns to a balanced state.

If you need a starting point, go to the "Birth Chart" page of this website. Enter your birthday and your challenges will appear at the bottom of the page.

These challenges usually follow a person their whole life. After meditating on them, awareness is heightened. Then when the habit re-surfaces, the mind has the choice whether to act, speak, think or even focus on the habit. And you can choose not to.

A disciplined mind leads to
happiness, and an undisciplined
mind leads to suffering.

Dalai Lama



  1. In breath: Ask a question of your challenge.
  2. Out breath: Answer the question: "Don't know."

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