Yin Yang Symbol

Introduction to the Birth Chart

The information contained in your birth chart can be used like wisdom from a grandparent. Your "Nature" and "Challenges" will be with you for your whole life. Firstly, it is good to know what they are. Knowing them and that they are part of you since birth gives you some knowledge you did not have before. This can be comforting. Also, we can recognize our strengths and weaknesses as we navigate life.

Secondly, what can we do with this information? The first suggestion is to accept that the inception thoughts from the "Challenges" do not mean you have to act, speak or continue the thought. Instead, you can recognize, through your awareness, the primary thought. Don't push it away, or hold on to it. Look at it and let it go. With practice including walking meditation or sitting meditation you can choose how to act and speak from these birth chart challenges. You don't have to follow the karmic, habitual behavior.

Yin Yang Symbol

Yin and Yang

An ancient way to categorize energy is the taiji symbol that represents yin and yang. Yang is not greater than yin, neither is yin greater than yang. When they are in balance, the environment is optimized. Together they can create a situation for giving birth, to life, ideas, etc.

Seasonally, autumn and winter are considered yin, while spring and summer are considered yang

Inside is yin, and outside is yang.

Women are yin, and men are yang.

5 Elements Giving Birth Cycle

Five Elements: Giving Birth Relationship

In the Giving Birth cycle you can see the Parent-Child relationship between the elements. The arrow points to the child, from the parent.

For example, if we look at the relationship between Wood and Fire, Wood is the parent and Fire is the Child. Or we could also say that Wood gives birth to Fire.

5 Elements Restraining Cycle

Five Elements: Restraining Relationship

Each element restrains the element two ahead in the giving birth cycle, as denoted by the arrows. Conversely, if the element being restrained is abundant then it can reverse the restraining relationship.

Also in this diagram we can see the corellation of the elements with the major organs of the body. Too much, or too little of an element can point to organ issues which can be exacerbated by the energy during certain years.